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Re: Newbie: Thunar / Removable Media Question

Hotplugd works well with
On OpenBSD.

On 09-May-2017 5:32 PM, "Christopher Pinon" <> wrote:
Jay Patel <> wrote:

> Maybe we can port something like hotplugd from OpenBSD

Or, for that matter, autofs from FreeBSD:

But I wonder how smoothly hotplugd on OpenBSD works in practice. It
seems that you still have to write "attach" scripts:"">20131113030229

See also: (concerns Xfce/Thunar)

And didn't OpenBSD 6 remove the ability for an ordinary user to mount
anything?! (I recall reading something to this effect.)

But if it works relatively smoothly, then OpenBSD is a step ahead of
NetBSD in this respect.

On NetBSD, I think that amd is only feasible alternative at present
(even if amd wasn't intended for removable media per se), but it would
require a little effort. Here's another old thread:


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