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Re: Installing FF 52 from pkgsrc: "stable" version instead of nightly

Marco Beishuizen <> writes:
> It's on NetBSD/i386 7.0.2.

I guess I've also been having that same issue on i386 for awhile.  The
last stable version that worked for me was firefox-47.0.1 which was in
pkgsrc-2016Q2 I believe.  So I've been using that version.

I think these are the commands I used to roll back to that version and
rebuild it with pkgsrc=pkgsrc-2016Q4, and firefox=pkgsrc-2016Q2

 cd .../pkgsrc/www/firefox
 cvs -q update -dP -r pkgsrc-2016Q2
 bmake install
 bmake clean
 # revert sources back to pkgsrc-2016Q4
 cvs -q update -dP -r pkgsrc-2016Q4

I don't know if this method will work if you are using current pkgsrc.


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