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Re: Making a localized, educational live-usb version of Netbsd? Possible, and is worth it?

Ottavio Caruso <> writes:

> On 6 April 2014 13:33, Aleksej Saushev <> wrote:
>> Once you understand that what you actually want is basically an image of
>> hard drive of small capacity, you'll understand that you could have
>> prepared some early prototype of your system already.
> I'm sorry but I disagree. There's a reason why somebody wants to load
> a read-only filesystem as opposed to a proper installation.

What is the reason then?

Booting a system installed on SD card does not imply replacing the one
installed on your hard drive (as implied by your "proper installation").

Applied to your project, is it a requirement or of any necessity?

> What about
> the countless Linux live-usb distributions around? Are they all going
> in the wrong directions? And all the millions of downloads?

Do they all use read-only file systems?

I say it again, if you stop thinking in terms of read-only medium,
you'll procede much faster. In particular, you'll be able to come up
with an early prototype in several hours. This is the main reason
why I say that live CD is the wrong approach to your problem:
you put up an irrelevant requirement that doesn't affect main
functionality and this precludes you from making progress.


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