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Re: Which lightweight window manager with menu auto-update?

You can't go wrong with dwm or i3... both use dmenu by default I believe.

On 11/14/2013 17:11, Ottavio Caruso wrote:
> I've finally managed to have a usable desktop installation on my
> Thinkpad X61. I have X running, Firefox (I need to install the Flash
> plugin) and wpa_gui running fine with dhcpcd in the background.
> I have used Fluxbox for long time on various Linux distribution, but I
> haven't managed to have it auto regenerate its menu on Netbsd (I can
> expand that if necessary). The file structure is different from the
> one on Slackware and other Linux distros and I couldn't reuse my
> existing configuration files.
> I am looking for a recommendation for a lightweight manager that can
> update itself after installing new packages and doesn't list non
> existent applications. I have also tried Joewm but unfortunately I had
> the same problem.
> Thanks

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