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Bug in fluxbox-generate_menu?, was: Which lightweight window manager with menu auto-update?

On 14 November 2013 16:36, Hauke Fath <> wrote:
> On Thu, 14 Nov 2013 16:11:05 +0000, Ottavio Caruso wrote:
>> I am looking for a recommendation for a lightweight manager that can
>> update itself after installing new packages and doesn't list non
>> existent applications.
> icewm does that.

Installed icewm, no man page, odd!

The only application listed was xterm. I am not sure how to configure
this wm now.

> for all I know, pkgsrc does not maintain a list of (X11
> GUI) applications for window managers to peruse.

Yes, can you expand on this. I suspect window managers won't expect to
find applications in /usr/pkg, although it's in the $PATH.

Going to back to fluxbox, I had this error when trying to generate a menu:

touch: ${HOME}/.fluxbox/menuconfig: No such file or directory
Warning: I couldn't create ${HOME}/.fluxbox/menuconfig
Fatal error: can't create or write to ${HOME}/.fluxbox/menu

I researched on many forums and I thought it was a bug,

I then found this old bug report:

I believe the version of fluxbox shipped with pkgscr is an update of
older one and it's possible that a broken fluxbox-generate_menu has
been carried over.

Has anybody got a working copy of fluxbox and check if this is still
the case, before filling a bug report?



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