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Re: wpi0: fatal firmware error

On Wed, Nov 06, 2013 at 04:38:35AM +0100, B?la wrote:
> > Are the firmware files really installed where they are expected to be?
> > The path is either "/usr/pkg/libdata/firmware/if_wpi" or
> > "/usr/pkg/libdata/if_wpi", the latter being where the package
> > effectively installs the files. See also the output of "sysctl
> > hw.firmware.path" to confirm.
> sysctl hw.firmware.path outputs: hw.firmware.path =
> /libdata/firmware:/usr/libdata/firmware:/usr/pkg/libdata/firmware:/usr/pkg/libdata
> the iwlwifi-3945.ucode firmware file is in /usr/pkg/libdata/if_wpi

  The wpi firmware has been included in the NetBSD core
distribution for awhile; or at least it's present--without any
pkgsrc version installed--on my 5.2_STABLE i386 and 6.1_STABLE
amd64 machines in


  Do you have it too?  What files do you have in that directory, if

> Also, I noticed something odd, when I remove the firmware, I still get
> "wpi0: fatal firmware error" instead of "wpi0: could not read firmware
> file" or "wpi0: could not load firmware" as the manuel suggest error
> messagges should be...

  Was this with the pkgsrc package entirely and cleanly removed?
(Or just with the iwlwifi-3945.ucode file manually deleted from the
/usr/pkg/libdata/firmware/ directory)?

Cheers, -Dave

Boston, MA

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