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Re: How to boot installed system from a usb disk? (Warning: newbie)

On Tue, Nov 05, 2013 at 09:09:41PM +0000, Ottavio Caruso wrote:
> My goal is to install the 64bit port from a usb image onto a local
> partition of my drive (currently Win 7 Home) but I don't want to
> install the bootloader yet. I want to be able to boot from a usb disk
> (either the installation one or a different one). My questions are:
> 3) How would one normally create a USB boot rescue disk on Netbsd?

  I believe I did something like this a few years ago by just
choosing the USB disk as the target of the installation instead of
choosing the internal hard disk; e.g., if

 *  sd0 is your USB disk containing the installation files,
 *  sd1 is a 2nd USB disk--one that's OK to erase, and
 *  wd0 is the internal drive

you would choose "sd1" when prompted for the drive on to which you
want to install NetBSD (during an installer session presumably
booted from sd0).  In this case, when it asks you whether you want
to install the bootselector, you would actually want to say yes--
because the target of installation is the 2nd USB drive (sd1), not
the internal drive (wd0).

  Of course, if you would be at all...

    ...displeased... the event that I misremembered, it would probably be best to
back up your internal drive before doing what I suggest above.

Cheers, -Dave

Boston, MA

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