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Re: wpi0: fatal firmware error


Yes, the T61 is a great machine, everything works of the box with both
FreeBSD and OpenBSD, although with OpenBSD requires firmware download.
Still, I want to try NetBSD.

I beleive some T61 laptops came with a different wireless card, namely:
Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965, which may work out of the box.

Can you please confirm you had the Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG card?


On 11/05/2013 23:36, Chavdar Ivanov wrote:
> Hi,
> On 5 November 2013 22:11, Béla <> wrote:
>> Hello fellow NetBSD users,
>> I have dabbled with NetBSD in VirtualBox for some time now and today I
>> decided to install NetBSD-amd64 version 6.1.2 on my Thinkpad T61 laptop.
>> The T61 comes with the Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG wireless card - or
>> wpi, NetBSD seems to have the appropriate driver for it, and necessary
>> firmware is also made available(I used the wpi-firmware2-2.14.4 binary
>> package from pkgsrc). But, whenever I bring the interface up(ifconfig
>> wpi0 up), I get this error:
>> wpi0: fatal firmware error
>> I also tried the old firmware wpi-firmware-1.13, with no more success; I
>> get the same error.
> I used to have a T61p (now, sadly, the NVidia graphics card saw the
> best of it). I've never done anything to download firmware to this one
> - it just works out of the box (i.e. after clean -current installation
> from CD, configuring wpa_supplicant and enabling dhcpcd). The wireless
> card in it is identical to yours.  It has been extremely reliable
> (well, I've never lost connection to my home router and to some may be
> 10 others I've connected it). Obviously I haven't tried 6.1.2 (when
> that was out, the laptop was already dead).
>> Any ideas how to make this wireless card work?
>> Does anybody run NetBSD with this wifi card?
>> BTW, I have not configured dhcpd/dhclient or wpa_supplicant yet; I see
>> no reason to, first I need to get the firmware working.
> I've never tried to manually configure the card (or any other
> wireless, for that matter). I just configure wpa_supplicant and dhcpcd
> (earlier dhclient) and it just works. Although I run -current usually.
> Chavdar

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