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Re: Setting up X

I had also posted about my issue on the xorg-users mailing list. I got
this as a suggested solution, using an xorg.conf file with only these
four lines in it.

Section "Device"
        Identifier "Forced vesa driver"
        Driver "vesa"

If the only problem was vesa failover for the graphics card, and X could
correctly identify and use all the other peripherals, than this would
work, which it did.

I added a Monitor section with a HorizSync  28-75
and then I was able to get a default display of 1280x800 - not the best,
but definitely livable.

Amazingly, everything else on this laptop works under NetBSD. I have not
yet tried suspend/hibernate, or the webcam but those are last on my laundry 

Robert Elz writes:

>     Date:        Fri, 28 Jun 2013 20:37:54 -0400
>     From:
>     Message-ID:  <>
>   | I have NetBSD 6.1 installed on an ASUS laptop. The video card is an
>   | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M, and is currently unsupported with xorg's nv
>   | driver.
> I have much the same situation, except with a 660M (according to the
> sticker anyway...)  It is identified (under linux) by the nouveau driver
> as an Nve7 chipset (the log file there doesn't announce the model number)
>   | I would like to get this working with the vesa driver, but have
>   | come to a dead end with X -configure.
> I'd much prefer to get the nouveau driver working (again) for NetBSD.
> There is a driver in pkgsrc/wip but it doesn't build with current
> pkgsrc modular xorg  (nb: the "again" is because I'm assuming that it
> once worked, and should not be taken as implying that I have ever
> successfully used it, I haven't).
> For now, I'm running linux (ubuntu 13.04) that uses the nouveau driver
> The server is 1.13.3 - the nouveau driver doesn't announce a version,
> but gives a date of March 27 (2013).
> For NetBSD, I'm using virtualbox (whatever is the current version day to day,
> 4.2.14 right now) which is mostly OK - it has a few issues with mouse
> crontrol when linux decides to idle after a timeout, and with performance
> when it has been running for a while (days...) - but can access native netbsd
> partitions on the disc, which I was never able to make work when I was using
> Windows as the host - that I abandoned when the disc died and I replaced it.
> kre

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