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Re: Setting up X

    Date:        Sat, 29 Jun 2013 10:37:35 -0700 (PDT)
    From:        Waitman Gobble <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | 660M- That would be the 310.44 which is the latest driver available
  | in ports.

Encouraging, I will certainly take a look.

  | I have been able to write and execute some OpenGL programs.

I don't much care about that if I can get xterms (and a few things of
similar complexity - up to browsers I guess) to work I'm happy...

I have this fancy chip because that's what could get me a laptop with a
display with enough dots to keep me happy - dot count (screen resolution)
is more important to me than just about any other issue on a laptop (or
desktop, but there it's easy to get whatever).

  | The AR9485 is listed as supported. There has been much better Atheros
  | support in the past twelve months.

That sounds great.

  | I have an OpenSUSE 12.3 machine that goes to sleep, then I have to click the
  | mouse to get it work again. just moving it doesn't do the trick.
  | I think maybe that's a "Feature" ? Not sure.

This one hibernates just fine (if that's the correct magic word for
suspend to ram) but the power needed to keep all the ram working generates
enough heat that in a (very) confined (and padded) space with no airflow
it does get quite hot.    I don't much care what is required to wake it
up (this isn't just normal dpms screen off mode) when this happens, though
I think opening the lid is enough.

Once again thanks, I will certainly try FreeBSD again fairly soon, and 
it sounds as if it needs X from the FreeBSD ports rather than the normal
oen (that's OK, I am doing the same with NetBSD & pkgsrc in the hopes that the
nouveau driver will eventually work - or at least compile so I can test it
to see if it works).


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