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Re: addressing > 2 TB storage

On 6/11/13 9:26 AM, Greg Troxel wrote:
Jeff Rizzo <> writes:

There is some boot-from-gpt support;  I'm successfully doing it on one
machine where all the disks are GPT.

See the "biosboot" option for gpt(8), and this (very terse) wiki page:
Cool - glad I was confused.

It would be great to get this into boot(8).

I gather that gptmbr.bin merely reads the GPT label to find the active
gpt partition and then reads the 2nd-stage bootxx_ from it.
So one uses gptmbr.bin instead of mbr_bootsel, essentially?

I *think* so - the two or three times I've used it successfully (all but one under VMWare :), I will admit to not 100% understanding the details.

I will try to spend some time on boot(8) in the nearish future.


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