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Re: addressing > 2 TB storage

On 6/10/13 12:57 PM, Greg Troxel wrote:
cal lawton <> writes:

Imagine my surpise when I discovered that I can't see more than two
terabytes….well 1.9 TB really.

My google-fu is usually strong in solving things like this, so I hope
someone from the community has a technique, because I'm not seeing it.

The hardware setup is simple: esata system from SansDigital set to
R5. The subsystem is working as my Mac can partition to 12 TB without
error, same for MS Windows.
Basically, see gpt(8).   Using gpt, you can have partitions larger than
2T.   However, there is not as far as I know support for booting from

There is some boot-from-gpt support; I'm successfully doing it on one machine where all the disks are GPT.

See the "biosboot" option for gpt(8), and this (very terse) wiki page:


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