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Re: Free Pascal 2.6.2 package for NetBSD?

On 2013-05-25, Eric Schnoebelen <> wrote:
> Tim R writes:
> - Greetings all, new here.
> - 
> - I was looking around for a NetBSD package for Free Pascal 2.6.2
> - but to no avail.
> -
> - I was able to download a NetBSD build from the Free Pascal repository.
> - No issues so far. I was just wondering if anyone is looking into making a
> - NetBSD pkgsrc package of Free Pascal? If not would it be a big "production"
> - for me to do it? I am new to xBSD and haven't really looked into the ins
> - and outs of pkgsrc yet. I have worked with many Linux flavors though so I
> - pretty much know my way around the fundamentals.
> I'd recommend asking questions about the packaging system in
>, or perhaps
> That said, I'd strongly recommend joining the pkgsrc-wip
> project on sourceforge, and doing your experimentation there.
> Once you're happy there, one of the developer members of
> pkgsrc-wip will get it into the appropriate portion of pkgsrc
> proper..
> Enjoy and good luck!
> (and I may beat you too it, I've always enjoyed playing with
> pascal... :D)
> --
> Eric Schnoebelen             
>           One DNS to rule them all, One Resolver to find them,
>         One named to bring them all and in the Zone to bind them.

Thanks for the suggestions Eric. I will defintively look into the other groups.
By all means, beat me to it :) Pascal have 3 flavors on Tiobe top 20 so it 
deserves a package, preferably done by someone who are more familiar with 
NetBSD than me.


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