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Re: Free Pascal 2.6.2 package for NetBSD?

On 2013-05-25, John Marino <> wrote:
> On 5/24/2013 22:55, Tim R wrote:
>> Greetings all, new here.
>> I was looking around for a NetBSD package for Free Pascal 2.6.2 but to no
>> I was able to download a NetBSD build from the Free Pascal repository.
>> No issues so far. I was just wondering if anyone is looking into making a
>> NetBSD pkgsrc package of Free Pascal? If not would it be a big "production"
>>   for me to do it? I am new to xBSD and haven't really looked into the ins
>>   and outs of pkgsrc yet. I have worked with many Linux flavors though so I
>>   pretty much know my way around the fundamentals.
> Actually it would be an extremely big production.
> Obstacle 1: The NetBSD support was dormant for the better part of a 
> decade.  Some work on it has been done recently, but I think it's still 
> experimental.  So the first question is if it actually runs.
> Obstacle 2: You need a bootstrap compiler built for every architecture 
> of every platform (theoretically).
> Obstacle 3: The sheer number of packages needed to properly support it. 
>   FreeBSD Ports have over 100 ports dedicated to FreePascal, mainly for 
> the FPC library units.
> I've got a fair amount of experience both using FreePascal and also I've 
> tried to bootstrap it for DragonFly (I can cross-compile it but the 
> helloworld coredumps on a syscall so I've got some more work to do.)
> This is an elephant you are contemplating to eat, but you know, lots of 
> small bites...
> John

Thanks for the reply John. That's what I kind'a was afraid of. I am not 
scared of elephants, more a question how much time I (or anyone I guess) 
can allocate to a project like this. Is it frown upon or considered bad 
practice to just target 1 or 2 platforms for a package?


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