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Re: snmpd: sysctl vm.bufmem failed (errno 12)

In article 
Bartek Krawczyk  <> wrote:
>I can't believe it's still not resolved even after releasing pkgsrc 2013Q1.
>I've been migrating from Debian to NetBSD on all of my servers (ISP for
>~~2000 subscribers) just to help the project with PRs but I don't see the
>point anymore.

The code is a horrid mess of ifdefs and extremely fragile. No wonder
nobody wants to touch it. Anyway, I compiled the latest one on
head, and no surprise: both cpu and memory statistics are completely
broken.  The rest works fine, and I cannot reproduce your stack
smash. I can try to fix them, but I can assure you that until someone
regains their senses and separates the stats generation files per
OS, it will be the endless game of whack-a-mole: I fix one OS thing
and break 3 others. For example the cpu code for NetBSD tries to
a sysctl that NetBSD never had and it is only for FreeBSD. Go
figure. While I undestand that having working snmp is a requirement,
it is unfortunately a difficult one to achive in the current situation.


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