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Re: snmpd: sysctl vm.bufmem failed (errno 12)

It seems it helped. Unfortunately I noticed that the patch is missing in pkgsrc 2012Q4 also. Too bad... 
Net-snmp also has an issue with not reporting cpu usage correctly when using 2 cpus. It reports usage only for the first core. I had sent a PR about this one didn't have any reply yet.


On 4 January 2013 20:38, Jean-Yves Moulin <> wrote:

On 4 Jan 2013, at 19:34 , Bartek Krawczyk <> wrote:

> Which version of net-snmp do you use? I'm using the one from pkgsrc 2012Q3 (net-snmp- and my memory_netbsd.c file is a bit different I think. There is no bufspace variable in it. The bufspace variable is present in memory_freebsd.c

Same version ( but I applied the pkgsrc patches before edit. The bufspace variable is added by patch-ah (so, you can also change the patch-ah before running it).


Bartek Krawczyk
network and system administrator

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