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Re: Is it possible to chroot and then install NetBSD to the boot drive


On Mar 20, 2013, at 6:58 AM, David Lord wrote:

On 19 Mar 2013 at 8:51, Al Zick wrote:


On Mar 17, 2013, at 6:57 PM, Greg Troxel wrote:

Al <> writes:

What I would like to be able to do is do an install on either another
drive or on an NFS partition. Then chroot to it and then delete the
files that are on /, /var, and /usr and then do a clean install of
NetBSD. Is this possible? If it is, could someone give me a how to on
doing something like this?

chrooting will be awkward, because once you chroot then you will be
running the binaries from the new install, which only works if your
system is compatible (NetBSD, same or later, more or less).  And if
remove files, you won't be able to run new commands.

However, you don't need to chroot.  If you take a new drive, and
fdisk/disklabel it, and mount it, and then unpack the sets, and then
install bootblocks, it should work.  You didn't mention, but if you
i386, then bootblocks consists of installboot for bootxx_ffsv1
(probably) and also /boot, plus mbr boot records.  If the host is
you can just use installboot and cp, pointing to /usr/mdec in the new

I have done something similar a number of times, basically moving a
system from old disks to new (bigger, less aged and in theory more
reliable) disks.  So instead of unpacking sets, I have done dump/
or rsync from old to new (under /mnt) and then installed bootblocks.

I have a system that I sent new drives out to the data center not
that long ago. I did a new install of NetBSD on them, but then I
decided to update to NetBSD 6.0. In the process, I broke some things.
Now the system is not very usable. I can get another hard drive and
install NetBSD on it and then send them that drive, but someone at
the data center will need to swap out the drive again. I don't see
how I could netboot this system and it is not real easy to tell it to
boot from another drive or partition, so I thought that there might
be some way to setup a root filesystem much like you do when you
netboot. Temporarily mount this partition to run make dev files, then
switch over to it, and unmount /home, /var, /usr,  and finely /. Run
newfs on the old /, /var, and /usr. Mount / as /mnt, then /var  as /
mnt/var and /usr as /mnt/usr. Then cd to /mnt and untar a working
install that I did on a test box that has the exact same config as
this system, so that everything will be right in /etc. Is there any
way to do this?


Assuming you still have remote access to the system  it may
not require the above and you can try method below on your
test setup.

I had an unusable system when I had tried update from 5.x
to 6.0-beta and then tried to backout to 5.y. Possibly I
had a bad 6.0beta cdrom. I then found that backing out is
not supported.

This is exactly what I am looking to do is go from a system with NetBSD 6 back to NetBSD 5.2. There is no real way to down grade a NetBSD install that I know of.

I still had ssh access and eventually I copied a new kernel
and tried to use a script to install sets. This is best done
single user but would require network access to be enabled
and I've not tried that as my pcs are all accessible.
Stopping as many services as practical may be advisable.

(1) copy sets to some directory

(2) copy new kernel to /

(3) copy script to some directory

(4) reboot

(5) unpack sets
cd /
for i in base comp games man misc modules tests text ; do
    pax -rvzpoe -f /sets/${i}.tgz

(6) reboot

The etc.tgz set is deliberately missing from above
If feeling brave you could then use /etcmanage to tidy up
but I prefer to use an occasional sysinstall from a cd.

Without using /etcmanage I've updated from 4.x through to
6.1RC1 but have other systems with more recent cd installs
and along with warnings in /var/log/messages or
/var/run/dmesg can fix problems in /etc later.

With 4.x and possibly 5.0 I needed to run "fsck_ffs -c 4"
for all the filesystems and change entries in fstab to
enable wapbl.

You did give me an idea though. I tested it on a local machine and I untarred the kernel, base.tgz, and etc.tgz on an nfs. I then updated the etc files, then "cd /mnt/dev' ran '/bin/sh MAKEDEV all'. After that I ran 'find . -exec touch -u -t todays date {}\;'. I then tarred it. I then went on to the old install and ran 'find . -exec touch -u - t 20091212000000 {} \;'. and untarred that file in /. After that I did 'find / -mtime 2 -delete' I then ran pwd_mkdb -p /etc/ master.passwd and run '/bin/sh MAKEDEV all' again this time in /dev. I then rebooted into NetBSD 5.1.2 and was able to ssh in. It is building NetBSD 5.2. now.

I have not tried it on a live system though.

Best Regards,

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