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Re: some apache processes running away with cpu


On Mar 19, 2013, at 8:16 PM, Christos Zoulas wrote:

On Mar 19,  5:56pm, (Al Zick) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: some apache processes running away with cpu

| Hi,
| On Mar 17, 2013, at 8:51 PM, Christos Zoulas wrote:
| > In article <>,
| > Al  <> wrote:
| >> Hi,
| >>
| >> I have 2 system running NetBSD 5.1.2. They both have an issue with
| >> some
| >> apache processes using all available cpu. If I kill those process or | >> restart apache then the problem goes away for a little while. Is this
| >> something that anyone else has already dealt with? Is there a fix
| >> for it?
| >
| > ktrace them...
| I had to wait until a process started using all available cpu again.
| It is so random when it happens. Sometimes there are a bunch of
| processes and other times I have to wait all day.
| I ran ktrace -p {process id}, it creates ktrace.out, but there is
| nothing in the file. However, when I restarted apache it did put
| something in ktrace.out. Here is the output from kdump:

So it is looping without calling system calls (if this output is correct). Attach with gdb to the running process and get a stack trace from there.

Could you give me an example of how to use gdb?


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