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packages missing in pkgsrc

I have noticed when trying to install a few of the packages that they no longer exist.

For example i have been trying to install the binary meta-pkg for gnome, but when running pkgin or pkg_add it keeps coming up with "package does not exist"

Thus i have check under this pkgsrc branch (i.e. the one i have been using):

And it appears that the gnome meta-pkg (aside from gnome-admin which can't be installed) is no longer there along with several other gnome packages and along with a lot of other packages, not sure which ones but i am certain there are more missing.

I also checked under the 5.2 for AMD64, i386 and 6.0 for i386 branch just to make sure i wasn't going crazy and it they are all the same.

The only branch that looked to have all packages (gnome meta-pkg) amongst others was:

I am not sure what is going on or whether this is a purposeful move, though i think whoever manages the pkgsrc branches needs to look into it.


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