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Re: boot disk has two MBR partitions

Hi, michael, list

On Sun, Feb 24, 2013 at 9:40 AM, Michael van Elst 
<> wrote:
> (hans dinsen-hansen) writes:
>>My tiny comment:  What about swap?  (!)
>>In my opinion swap should be at least to times the size of your memory..
>>Of course, swap could be a memory-disk.
> swap on a memory disk is a bit insane :)

You could not be more right!!!!

  ....  but some mad possibilities exist  .  in most - if not all - systems  ;)

> swap doesn't need to be the size of the memory. That was true when
> the swap space was used to back the whole virtual memory, nowadays
> the swap is just extra memory and can be sized for whatever out-of-memory
> conditions you need to survive.

Yes, you are right.  Sorry, my mind was way back in the "good old days" when
memory was measured in kilobytes and disk in megabytes.
> The swap partition is also used for a crash dumps. So if you want to
> analyze system crashes (and you do not have your own dump partition or disk),
> it still can be handy to have a swap partition that is as large as
> your memory.
>>Secondly I see no eason to divide a disk between  a root partition and a
>>partition for the rest.   In the "good old days (when things were bad)" we had
>>disk of some 60-80 MB.  and whenever something grew too big, we
>>had to re-arrange data via save/restore.  I have spent many a night with
>>that job
> True, on the other hand separate partitions help for recovery. E.g. if
> /var is damaged you can still boot in single user mode. It also prevents
> something like growing logfiles from filling up the whole disk, so
> you can still use services that require space elsewhere.
> I tend to use a single partition on systems that I can just throw away
> and reinstall when damaged. But otherwise I use a few separate partitions,
> in particular for / and /var (and /tmp is a memory filesystems, so it is
> separate too).   ...

Quite right.  But I'll continue to do it my way.  And you'll
(hopefully) do it your way.

Kind regards


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