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Re: Hitachi 1TB HDD's, NetBSD 6.0.1 and RAID1 - soft errors and clicking noises!

Carl Brewer <> writes:

> Disks:   wd0   wd1 raid0            1024 fmin
>  seeks                              1365 ftarg
>  xfers    25    27  2                    itarg
>  bytes 1602K 1621K   24K            1506 wired
>  %busy  95.7  98.3                       pdfre

Unless you are doing some kind of retrocomputering, those kinds of
numbers do not make sense.

Check dmesg on boot and see if this really is in DMA mode.

But, stop the raid stuff, and test the drives individually.

> Something's driving CPU0 to 100% interrupts.  I'm guessing that's the
> raid reconstruct.

Raid reconstruct shouldn't cause 100% cpu usage; it's basically the
equivalent of a dd from one disk to antother.

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