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Re: Hitachi 1TB HDD's, NetBSD 6.0.1 and RAID1 - soft errors and clicking noises!

Carl Brewer <> writes:

> # iostat
>       tty              cd0               wd0               wd1   CPU
>  tin tout  KB/t  t/s  MB/s   KB/t  t/s  MB/s   KB/t  t/s  MB/s  us ni
> sy in id
>    0   67 0.000    0 0.000  63.90   25 1.542  52.36   31 1.600   0  0
> 4 25 72

You can also use 'systat vmstat', which shows the same info, but I
prefer it; with a window with more than 24 lines, it can show more

I would try to test the drives with dd, separate from raidframe.

But, a 1TB drive, assuming 80 MB/s, should take about 3.6h, so
someth9ing is off.

Your iostat output shows 1.5 MB/s, which is not healthy.

Also, you might check your SATA cables.

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