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Re: Hitachi 1TB HDD's, NetBSD 6.0.1 and RAID1 - soft errors and clicking noises!

Feb  7 13:14:11  /netbsd: pciide1:1:0: timeout waiting for DRQ,
st=0xd0, err=0x00
Feb  7 13:14:12  /netbsd: wd1a: device timeout writing fsbn 286776192
of 286776192-286776255 (wd1 bn 286778240; cn 284502 tn 3 sn 35),
Feb  7 13:14:16  /netbsd: wd1: soft error (corrected)

Is that normal?  Should I ditch the drive?  It seems to be going ok
for now, and it seems there's just the one error so far.

I would say: not normal, yes.  But before using a drive, I would 'dd
if=/dev/zero of=/dev/rwd1d bs=256k' and then read the whole drive.  That
will break your fdisk partitions, but if it can't survive that, I do not
expect you to have happy experience with the drive over the next two

Also install smartmontools and use 'smartctl -a -t ata /dev/rwd1d' to
read the status.  I'm not sure how useful this is if this claims it is
ok, but if it says something is wrong, almost certainly there really is
something wrong.

Thank you Greg et al, I've not done this yet (smartmontools etc), but am seeing this :

# raidctl -S raid0
Reconstruction is 0% complete.
Parity Re-write is 100% complete.
Copyback is 100% complete.
Reconstruction status:
  7% |**                                     | ETA: 158:29:11 -

That's, arrr, some time it's taking. I left it running overnight thinking maybe it was some bogus reading from raidctl, but it seems not to be. iostat shows :

# iostat
tty cd0 wd0 wd1 CPU tin tout KB/t t/s MB/s KB/t t/s MB/s KB/t t/s MB/s us ni sy in id 0 67 0.000 0 0.000 63.90 25 1.542 52.36 31 1.600 0 0 4 25 72

# df -h
Filesystem         Size       Used      Avail %Cap Mounted on
/dev/raid0a        920G       4.5G       870G   0% /

I'm a little concerned at how slow this seems to be running, it's only a pair of 1 terabyte drives.

More info :

# raidctl -s raid0
          component0: reconstructing
           /dev/wd1a: optimal
           /dev/wd0a: used_spare
component0 status is: reconstructing.  Skipping label.
Component label for /dev/wd1a:
   Row: 0, Column: 1, Num Rows: 1, Num Columns: 2
   Version: 2, Serial Number: 2013020701, Mod Counter: 33
   Clean: No, Status: 0
   sectPerSU: 128, SUsPerPU: 1, SUsPerRU: 1
   Queue size: 100, blocksize: 512, numBlocks: 1953522944
   RAID Level: 1
   Autoconfig: Yes
   Root partition: Yes
   Last configured as: raid0
Component label for /dev/wd0a:
   Row: 0, Column: 0, Num Rows: 0, Num Columns: 0
   Version: 0, Serial Number: 0, Mod Counter: 0
   Clean: No, Status: 0
   sectPerSU: 0, SUsPerPU: 0, SUsPerRU: 0
   Queue size: 0, blocksize: 0, numBlocks: 0
   RAID Level:
   Autoconfig: No
   Root partition: No
   Last configured as: raid0
Parity status: DIRTY
Reconstruction is 7% complete.
Parity Re-write is 100% complete.

Anything I should be looking at that I may have mucked up with my config to make it this slow?

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