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Re: NPF port forward

On 19 January 2013 02:49, Mindaugas Rasiukevicius <> 
> When the additional "pass <...>" filter criteria is used, it means you
> are going to specify the criteria explicitly, therefore NPF will not do
> that for you implicitly and the segment on the right-hand side is actually
> ignored.
> Try:
> map pcn0 dynamic port 3890 <- \
>     pass from to $rdr_ip port 389
Yes, that works perfectly thank you.

So to test my understanding, looking back at my original rule:
map pcn0 dynamic port 3890 <- pcn0 pass from port 389
on the right-hand-side pcn0 is ignored (because a pass <...> block
follows), it would then match packets with a _source_ IP:port of and _any_ destination IP:port (because the 'to'
specification was omitted).


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