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Re: NPF port forward

William Ross <> wrote:
> I'm trying to get all packets sent by one specific machine (with IP
> to port 389 on my NetBSD box to be redirected to port 3890
> (also on my NetBSD box).
> My /etc/npf.conf is below and it looks like it should work, but has no
> effect. When I access port 389 from I still get the service
> running on port 389, rather than the one on port 3890. Can anyone suggest
> changes I can make to the config, or am I misusing NAT?
> map pcn0 dynamic port 3890 <- pcn0 pass from port 389

You probably want the following:

$rdr_ip = "pcn0" # or $rdr_ip = inet4(pcn0) on the latest netbsd-6 kernel
map pcn0 dynamic port 3890 <- $rdr_ip port 389

Which NetBSD version are you using?  You need 6.0.1 or newer kernel which
contains a bug fix affecting redirection to loopback.


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