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getting netbsd-6 source

Hi All -

Back in 2007 I inquired about efficiently pulling netbsd src,

Considering release process and my needs, I began using the following
script (below) to get netbsd-$tag as efficiently as possible.

Today, I see the most current url

however I'm getting errors opening ./source/ below that

500 Internal Error


An error occured on the server

anyone have an explanation?


last=$(ftp -o - ${daily}/${tag}/ \
        | grep Z | sed -e 's/Z.*/Z/' -e 's/.*"//' \
        | tail -n1)
# big to small...
sets="xsrc gnusrc src syssrc sharesrc"
sets="gnusrc src syssrc sharesrc"
mkdir -p /usr/local/dist/$tag
cd /usr/local/dist/$tag

for srcset in $sets
 do ftp $daily/$tag/${last}/source/sets/${srcset}.tgz
 ( touch ${srcset}.tgz.extracting
 echo "Extracting ${srcset}.tgz"
 #progress -zf ${srcset}.tgz tar --directory / -xf -
 tar --directory / -xzf ${srcset}.tgz
 rm ${srcset}.tgz.extracting ) &

while [ -e *.extracting ] ; do sleep 1 ; done

echo "Updating source tree"
cd /usr/src && cvs -q upd -dP

George Georgalis, (415) 894-2710,

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