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Re: Bluetooth mouse not working

Hi Martin.

First of all: I have never tried  bluetooth mouse.  Only played a bit around
with my  mobile phone and bluetooth.

On Sat, Dec 1, 2012 at 10:01 PM, Martin Husemann <> 
> I have (for the first time) contact with a bluetooth mouse and it is not
> working as I expected - now I'm not sure wether I'm doing something wrong,
> the mouse is not behaving as expected (it works with Windows - but that
> does not mean much), or there is a bug in NetBSD.
> It is a Microsoft Wedge Touch thingy, and I got it responding to inquiry,
> followed the guide and got it attaching a btms0 - at wihch point it should,
> according to the guide, just work (tm). However, there is no reaction to
> any movements or clicks.
> First irritating things are a few kernel messages (see below), second is
> the "btpin -p 0000" that the guide suggests, but MS documentation says you
> won't need any auth for a mouse.

That is because the option "-p 000" is a default in MS.  We have no
defaults for
 btpin as far as I can read the manual..

> As a side node: my notebook has a bluetooth button which controlls power for
> the internal ubt0. By default it is off (which fits my usage), but sometimes
> I forget to activate it in time before /etc/rc.d/bluetooth is run. When I
> power it on later, I need to manually do "/etc/rc.d/bluetooth restart".
> Is that expected?

For me, this seems normal.  With my USB wireless dongle, I also stop
and start i.e.
restart whenever I forget to connect.

> Ok, but mainly I'm looking for hints how to fix the main problem.

> Thanks,
> Martin
> --8<--
> ubt0 at uhub3 port 4
> ubt0: Broadcom Corp BCM2046 Bluetooth Device, rev 2.00/8.56, addr 3
> cprng kernel: WARNING pseudorandom rekeying.
> bthub0 at ubt0 local-bdaddr 00:26:5e:9b:f1:22
> bthidev0 at bthub0 remote-bdaddr 7c:1e:52:68:73:c1 link-mode auth
> bthidev0: reportid 18 not configured
> bthidev0: reportid 22 not configured
> bthidev0: reportid 23 not configured
> btms0 at bthidev0 reportid 26: 5 buttons, W and Z dirs.
> wsmouse1 at btms0 mux 0
> bthidev0: reportid 31 not configured
> bthidev0: reportid 34 not configured
> bthidev0: reportid 36 not configured
> bthidev0: reportid 39 not configured
> bthidev0: disconnected
> bthidev0: disconnected
> ubt0: unknown handle 12! (losing track of 1 packet buffer)
> bthidev0: disconnected
> bthidev0: disconnected
> bthidev0: disconnected
> bthidev0: disconnected
> bthidev0: disconnected

I am not certain, what you mean. have you set  "btpin -p 0000" when these
"dmesg" appear?


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