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Re: NPF does not recognize npflog0

* Pongthep Kulkrisada ( wrote:
BTW what about your ftp client?
Is it allowed for passive ftp?
Last night I spent a few hours to make it work, but still not done.
Shall I change some configuration in my recent post?
I have fixed it.

Good that you fixed it, Pongthep!

To reply to one of your earlier questions. Keep in mind that in front of my network is OpenBSD running the newest Packet Filter and doing ftp-proxy. My tcp configuration on NPF is very simple:

pass stateful out family inet proto tcp flags S/SA from $if_ext
pass stateful in family inet proto tcp flags S/SA to $if_ext port \

So then I '$ cvs up' in /usr/pkgsrc, run '# pkg_chk -fsu' and ftp begins to run very well. I see an occasional line in /var/log/messages that looks like this:

Nov  2 17:20:31 firewall_gateway ftp-proxy[25651]: #339 server timeout

The last entry actually occurred when I was running pkg_chk, but the timeouts can occur from any client in the network. It seems like usually it is a large file that causes the timeout, but I am not sure.


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