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Re: NPF does not recognize npflog0

I am not sure what you mean by lkm disappears, perhaps someone else will.
What I mean is ...
Back to 5.1_STABLE, I added ``lkm=YES'' to /etc/rc.conf.
It will invoke /etc/rc.lkm, which in turn reads /etc/lkm.conf.
/etc/lkm.conf instructed rc script to modload module(s) resided in /usr/lkm/.
During etcupdate from 5.1_STABLE to 6.0_STABLE, it removed these lkm contents.
All modules are moved from /usr/lkm/ to /stand/i386/6.0/modules/.

It is beyond my scope, Pongthep.  :(

Years ago when I used Packet Filter on NetBSD it required lkm, but I really do not recall much about it.

With so many problems on that particular machine, I would consider installing anew at this point.


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