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Re: Guide like Linuxfromscratch on NetBSD?

On Thu, 25 Oct 2012, Tomas Bodzar wrote:

> One of the ways how to learn system. It just seems (to me) that LFS
> goes from lower level then

I agree it is interesting (and even useful) to understand the components 
that build up a system.  The LFS guide covers a wide variety of software 
from many different locations that require different build steps and 
often custom patches or workarounds to make them all work together. The 
order of these steps is also important. (I have built my own Linux 
systems from scratch a few times, documented my many steps, and have 
also read much of some older LFS guides.)  This is a significant 
difference with NetBSD because most of the core code is maintained in a 
single location, a single source tree. You don't need to do the LFS 
dance: download from many different places, add patches, and do many 
individual steps.

Nevertheless, it may be interesting still to understand how to setup a 
lightweight NetBSD system without using and without doing an 
entire src build. And also useful to understand how the all the core 
components work together to boot up through a login to a shell prompt.
Is this something you'd like to work on (as a writer or reviewer)? If 
so, feel free to contact me off-list.

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