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Re: Guide like Linuxfromscratch on NetBSD?

On 22 Oct 2012 at 6:48, Tomas Bodzar wrote:

> Hi all,
> just quick questions here. What can be considered as nearest
> alternative for on NetBSD? Is it a mix of
> release(7), and The Guide? Is there something like that
> "hidden" somewhere in man/archives structure at all? I know that
> anything can be build  out of that, just that those texts are quite
> widely targeted and talking eg. about sets like xetc.tgz or whatever,
> but not about low level details - for example if one want to try build
> smallest system possible is there a path available which describes
> MUST  HAVE components and OPTIONAL ones (eg, via comments in code) so
> that people can choose stuff on their own from .tgz set or simply most
> of the users is expected to build complete sets and others are welcome
> to try and play to see which combinations works and  which not?
> Thanks


There is a tiny kernel config in the release but I don't
see the binary being built by default.

The sets I have installed (base, comp, games, man, misc,
tests, text) give a system of about 500 MB.

/usr/pkg/  = 2.3G
/var/     = 3.3G

What do you want to achieve?

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