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Ruby on Rails 3?


I wonder if someone use ruby-on-rails on NetBSD.
I have a number of applications working on rails2 on NetBSD 5.

Since Rails3 released I tried to update them several times, but
got stuck.

Is there are people,succesfully working on NetBSD 6 with Rails3?

I found complete set of packages for rails3 and installed them already,
but nothing works without javascript library. 

There is execjs package, but it seems also rubyracer and libv8 should be
installed. rubyracer not exist as a package and libv8 is found in wip,
but failed to compile on NetBSD 5. Also today its source is not accessible.

If there are someone using Rails3 - tell me what to do to make it work?

Sincerelly yours

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