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Re: Guide like Linuxfromscratch on NetBSD?

On Sun, Oct 21, 2012 at 9:48 PM, Tomas Bodzar 
<> wrote:
> just quick questions here. What can be considered as nearest
> alternative for on NetBSD? Is it a mix of
> release(7), and The Guide? Is there something like that
> "hidden" somewhere in man/archives structure at all? I know that
> anything can be build  out of that, just that those texts are quite
> widely targeted and talking eg. about sets like xetc.tgz or whatever,
> but not about low level details - for example if one want to try build
> smallest system possible is there a path available which describes
> MUST  HAVE components and OPTIONAL ones (eg, via comments in code) so
> that people can choose stuff on their own from .tgz set or simply most
> of the users is expected to build complete sets and others are welcome
> to try and play to see which combinations works and  which not?

The LFS project strikes me as a project for the sake of doing a
project more than something that has widespread appeal. It probably is
useful to some people though.

It seems out of context for NetBSD, although I've been around long
enough that I might be missing something.

People coming to NetBSD to build a small system usually are starting
with trying to get a kernel to boot and getting drivers written or
fixed for whatever thing they are booting on. Once that happens, a
userland probably already exists which will work just fine. If you
want a minimal system, you start with base and etc.tgz and trim from

The NetBSD project probably takes it for granted that someone wanting
to do this can figure it out on their own...

This document has some discussion about "source sets" and "binary
sets" (search on those) if there are questions about those: (There is
one of these documents for each architecture, I just chose i386)

If you have specific questions, people will answer them. That's how it
works around here.


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