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VNC Black Screen with NetBSD i386 6.0 (also noticed in RC2)

Has anyone else's VNC server been producing nothing but black screens?

This is something I noticed first in RC2, sorry should have said something 
about it earlier.  I've never had this issue before.

I'm running NetBSD/i386 6.0 within VMWare Fusion on OS X Mountain Lion.  
I'm able to start a normal X server using startx (with just the defaults) and
 everything is fine.

I installed the tightvnc package, started up a vncserver (with just the
 default vncserver config file), then connected with a client, and I get
 nothing but a blank screen.  The mouse pointer has the traditional "X" 
and it looks like the xterm windows (contained in the default vncserver
 config) are getting drawn "underneath" the sheet of blackness because I 
can see the mouse pointer change to a "text insertion" cursor as I move
 it around in the window over where the xterms are supposed to be

Anybody seen this before?  I Googled "VNC black screen" and nothing
 describes this issue and all solutions proposed haven't worked.

Is there something wrong with the VNC X server driver or something
 like that?

Thanks for any help.


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