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Re: ami kernel id


On 10/18/12 3:21 PM, Jean-Yves Migeon wrote:
Le 18/10/12 20:17, kalin a écrit :
my question is if ami-1400bf7d is also a kernel id or just a build id? i
didn't find anything like ami-* on the list. i was planning to use the
"default" option.

AMI IDs are image IDs, that is: a kernel ID + virtual disks/filesystems
to have a working OS. If you want to create and start a VM under EC2,
you only need an AMI ID.

You don't have to care about kernel IDs unless you want to build your
own AMIs. Kernel IDs are used to select different boot strategies.

also are there any bsd kernel ids at all on the aws ec2 platform that
are "kept up to date with security fixes and updates, being able to use
functionality provided by new distributions, and for using specialty
applications that have unique timing requirement" in general?

NetBSD AMIs are regularly updated with the latest bug/security fixes,
but this won't keep your system up-to-date once you have created your
instance -- once started, the OS has to be updated in the same way you
would normally do with a VM. EC2 has changed nothing in this regard.


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