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Re: NetBSD on Linode problems

Michael Parson writes:
- On Tue, 9 Oct 2012, Eric Schnoebelen wrote:
- > Michael Parson writes:
- > - I'm trying to get NetBSD installed on a Linode (Xen) VM following the
- > - instructions on this Wiki page:
- > -
- > -
- > -
- > - Networking works under the Finnix image, I am able to to use wget to
- > - download the files needed, but when I boot the NetBSD installer images,
- > - I am unable to get networking to work under NetBSD. I have tried both
- > - 32&64 bit kernels (under 32 & 64bit pv_grub). If I try and let it get
- > - networking via DHCP, it doesn't get a response, if I use hard-coded
- > - values, no traffic gets passed.
- >
- > What is the Dom0 OS and version?  Some distro's of Linux
- > (Debian) changed the network backends supported in Xen.
- I don't know the OS or version of the Dom0.  I'm suspecting some version
- of Linux, given that this is their focus, but they don't seem to make
- that info easy to find.  Is there anything I can run in a DomU installed
- OS to get that info?  I can install Linux temporarily if that would
- help.

Not that I'm aware of. (that doesn't mean it doesn't exist,
just that I have no idea how to do it.)

- > NetBSD 5.1-STABLE supports the newer Xen backend, while
- > 5.1-RELEASE and before do not.. :(
- >
- > So, what is the version of NetBSD you're attempting to use?
- I'm trying to install 5.1.2, I've tried both i386 and amd64.  The
- installer boots, I just can't get networking working.

You need something newer than 5.1.2 (assuming it's on a very
late model Linux kernel, a'la Debian Squeeze.)  I've got 5.1_STABLE
as of 2012-06-03 running on GPLHost Singapore, which is based on
Debian Squeeze.

- > FYI: I've had good luck with NetBSD Xen hosting at Panix and
- > GPLHost (Singapore)
- Nice, Panix actaully lists NetBSD as a supported OS, I might have to
- give them a shot, thanks for the pointer.

I'm very happy with them.  No surprises, everything just works.

GPLHost also lists NetBSD as a supported OS, but they don't seem
to be as actively involved in making sure it stays supported. :(

- > (sometimes I wonder if I should establish a NetBSD Dom0 based
- > Xen hosting service.. I know of no one providing such a service.)

Really considering offering a Xen Hosting service running NetBSD
on the Dom0.  Any takers?

Eric Schnoebelen      
        "A computer is like air conditioning: 
                        it becomes useless when you open windows."

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