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Re: large disks


> I have joined this mailing list to get some advice from NetBSD users.

> I have a Linux background (and Windows before that), and I am now
> considering moving to NetBSD. But I am still uncertain.
> My computer usage is limited to the typical small-office tasks (word
> processing, database, spreadsheet, etc), as well as home computer use
> (but with no games, no advanced multimedia). I don't need anything
> beyond that.
> I can comfortably do all that with Linux, of course, but I would like to
> give NetBSD a try.

> What attracts me to NetBSD is its philosophy: efficient, minimalistic,
> not complicated and chaotic (like Linux can often be), and managed by
> developers who give a lot of importance to the overall design and to
> stability. Of course, Linux is the opposite, and one often faces the
> situation where things break down, or keep changing at such a fast rate
> that the user is confused.
> From what I have read, NetBSD is safe in this respect, since it is much
> more sober and conservative than Linux. Since I give a lot of importance
> to stability and it-just-works, I am very much tempted by NetBSD.

> My core question now is: since I don't need cross-platform compatibility
> (which is the main reason why people choose NetBSD), would it make sense
> (considering my trivial needs) to opt for NetBSD instead of Linux?
> As far as I could see, the recent versions of most software packages are
> available in the NetBSD repository, so I am not at all worried by that.

> What does worry me is that NetBSD might be too technical for an average
> user like me, whose IT skills are not so advanced. Would I be getting
> myself into unnecessary trouble by adopting NetBSD for my daily
> (trivial) needs?

> Thank you.

> Vit

I've had a rough time with NetBSD, worse on the new computer (Intel Sandy 
than the old.  FreeBSD worked better.  You might want to try NetBSD or FreeBSD
to see how it works, but don't burn your bridges on Linux.

I would say NetBSD is more minimalistic than FreeBSD; FreeBSD seems more
forward-looking, and stabler.

FreeBSD ports collection has more packages by far than NetBSD pkgsrc.

I was able to build Gnumeric spreadsheet and Abiword word processor on the old
computer with both FreeBSD ports collection and NetBSD pkgsrc, among other
software packages.


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