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Re: NetBSD on Linode problems

Michael Parson writes:
- I'm trying to get NetBSD installed on a Linode (Xen) VM following the
- instructions on this Wiki page:
- Networking works under the Finnix image, I am able to to use wget to
- download the files needed, but when I boot the NetBSD installer images,
- I am unable to get networking to work under NetBSD. I have tried both
- 32&64 bit kernels (under 32 & 64bit pv_grub). If I try and let it get
- networking via DHCP, it doesn't get a response, if I use hard-coded
- values, no traffic gets passed.

What is the Dom0 OS and version?  Some distro's of Linux
(Debian) changed the network backends supported in Xen.

NetBSD 5.1-STABLE supports the newer Xen backend, while
5.1-RELEASE and before do not.. :(

So, what is the version of NetBSD you're attempting to use?

FYI: I've had good luck with NetBSD Xen hosting at Panix and
GPLHost (Singapore)

(sometimes I wonder if I should establish a NetBSD Dom0 based
Xen hosting service.. I know of no one providing such a service.)

Eric Schnoebelen      
    The Force is what holds everything together.  It has its dark side, 
      and it has its light side.  It's sort of like cosmic duct tape.

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