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Re: Ugly font when printing from firefox

  > Hello,
  > I've a problem with firefox which I suspect is related to fonts.
  > When printing a page (either to a ps or pdf file, or a real postscript 
  > the result is ugly: the font looks like a bitmap which have been badly 
  > printing the same page, using the same profile, from a firefox running
  > on a scientific linux 6 produce the expected pretty result
  > (and example page is from put some item in your
  > basket, view the basket and try to print the page).
  > Any idea what could cause this ? some missing compile option, or
  > some missing font ? I'm running native xorg with the default font
  > path.

Hello Manuel

You can fix this (or at least i was able to) by going to the
URL 'about:config'. Then filter to the keyword "downloadfonts"
and make sure, that fonts will be downloaded to your printer
along with the text.

Hope this helps


Christoph Kaegi                                  

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