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Re: IPv6 for machines behind NAT

In Message <>,
   Pongthep Kulkrisada <>wrote:

=>Thank you very much for your kind responses.
=>* Gary Duzan ( wrote:
=>>    When on the road with no control over the network, I have used
=>> SiXXS as a tunnel broker with their aiccu (net/aiccu) software,
=>> which handles the NAT by tunneling using UDP. Seems to work fine,
=>> though I've had more trouble with SiXXS PoPs than HE's, so I stick
=>> to HE when possible for the reliability.
=>I shall have a look at net/aiccu and SiXXS.
=>It will be my solution, if I can do it without v6 forwarding from the router.
=>How often are servers down?

   It has been a while since I've used it significantly, and it will vary
a lot by POP.

   For me it was down often enough to make it unwise to, for example,
do backups over it. I think I had one of the flakier POPs, though. Each
SiXXS POP is operated separately, so performance can be significantly
different. This is less of an issue with HE, which is why it is more
stable, but they don't do UDP tunnels. Certainly give SiXXS/aiccu a try
and see how it works for you. The software and service are both free.

   Good luck...

                                        Gary Duzan

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