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Re: IPv6 for machines behind NAT

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   Pongthep Kulkrisada <>wrote:

=>Hi All,
=>I have asked this problem somewhere in this list but focusing something else.
=>So I should open a new thread asking specifically.
=>Sorry for redundancy.
=>I'm running 5.1_STABLE and 6.0_RC2 on i386 from behind NAT.
=>Is it possible to get IPv6 for NetBSD behind NAT?
=>I did much googling and tried installing these apps, but they all do not work.
=>Here are details.
=> [...]
=>Are there any workaround?
=>Any suggestions would be very highly appreciated.

   I have two setups working. At home I use Hurricane Electric as
a tunnel broker and configure my NAT router to forward all gif
packets (proto 41) to one machine which acts as an IPv6 router and
provides IPv6 autoconfig to my internal network. If ever my endpoint
changes, HE has an scheme where a visit to a URL will update the
tunnel config.  This only requires a gif interface on the NetBSD

   When on the road with no control over the network, I have used
SiXXS as a tunnel broker with their aiccu (net/aiccu) software,
which handles the NAT by tunneling using UDP. Seems to work fine,
though I've had more trouble with SiXXS PoPs than HE's, so I stick
to HE when possible for the reliability.

   Hope this helps.

                                        Gary Duzan

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