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I could not find a NetBSD Live USB image on the Internet, so I made my own. I am contacting you on the recommendation of Hubert Feyrer, who wrote me:
thanks for your email - i think this is a very cool project!
I haven't found time to try it out myself, but there's a blog entry to point people at it:

Maybe you want to write to and/or to tell people about this, too?

Keep up the good work!

When the user boots off his/her PC with this NetBSD LiveUSB, he can make a LiveCD ISO of it with a breeze just by running the /makeiso script in MaheshaNetBSD root directory, so it is not necessary to distribute two live images (ISO and IMG). Thus, MaheshaNetBSD is Qemu and VMware ready.

MaheshaNetBSD is also a Tantric LiveUSB, as you can see on my website (you can write in Sanskrit with it):

I thank you for keeping up the good work.

With kind regards,
Juraj Sipos

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