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Re: NetBSD's sound system

2012/9/24, Pierre Pronchery <>:

>> Trying lately to install 4Front's Opensound drivers, I noticed, that
>> it's available for NetBSD 3.1 (on 5.1.2 installation failed). I
>> contacted the devs, and they wrote, that they aren't opposed to let
>> someone maintain the NetBSD-version:
> that's exactly the point, I think nobody is opposed to support these
> drivers; however, someone (tm) has to take the time and effort to do it...

That's NOT EXACTLY the point. The point was: wouldn't it be reasonable
to replace the existing NetBSD's sound system with 4fronts' OpenSound
(used and proven in FreeBSD)? Such way that "someone" would be current
maintainers... no need to look for new "someone".

OpenSound seems to be more "mature" and to support larger variety of
sound cards. Since it was able to support NetBSD 3.1, most probably
there aren't much changes required to make it fully compatible with

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