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Re: Some progress in support for HP USB printer/scanners

On Sun, Sep 23, 2012 at 12:24:36AM -0400, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> Does the printer work with Arch Linux on its own as opposed to qemu guest?

On native Arch Linux - yes, it works. On qemu guest, lsusb does not show
the device. That seems a problem with making the port visible to qemu

> Could you build wine from pkgsrc and try the MS-Windows setup?  I thought of
> doing that, at least for FreeBSD and possibly Linux.

Can try. wine has not been working so great for me, for whatever I tried -
mainly ie based. It would crash itself or hang NetBSD sometimes. I am also
not conversant with how printer et al is to be set in windows and in turn

> What interfaces does your printer have?  Ethernet, wireless as well as USB?

Only USB.

> Am I better off working with NetBSD 6.0 (pre)release or HEAD?

I prefer released ones - betas, rcs and stables. In this case since the
printer is already being identified, I wouldn't think I will gain anything
further by using HEAD.

> FreeBSD ports' latest version of hplip is 3.12.2 while pkgsrc has hplip 
> 3.12.6.
> I think upstream is up to 3.12.9 on hplip.

hplip on Linux has been working for me for this printer for several years
now. Besides pkgsrc is fairly close to the latest. So I think hplip
version should be good enough.

The issues are probably with interaction between cups and hplip on NetBSD.


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