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Re: Compiling 6.0_RC1 fails

> I'm sorry to jump in, and not able to provide complete details at this
> time, but this sounds like an open bug I reported couple years ago.
> Search for my email in the bug tracker and it should be easy to find
> (most recent).

> In summary, I was developing procedure scripts to format media,
> install the os, checkout sources from cvs, then build and install the
> updated distribution. It always failed with the first build
> distribution, something about sed not available in tools. The fix was
> to build distribution again and it would always work the second time
> through.

> I never tracked down the issue, but I believe it exists in netbsd-4,
> netbsd-5 and whatever the tag for netbsd-6 is now.

> More details are in the issue report, I will followup next week if needed.

> -George

What special parameters do you use with the second time?
Do you use -u, or maybe -r?


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