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Re: NetBSD VPS in Europe

> Hello,

> yes NetBSD is running well in KVM, also FreeBSD and OpenBSD running
good. When you search for a KVM Hoster where it is possible to run
NetBSD I would try a VPS from the german company Hetzner. You can find
the VPS products here:

>I'm already a costumer of Hetzner and doing Colocation there. So I also
have a few dedicated servers and virtual servers there. Maybe I could
test the setup of NetBSD on a VPS in the next week. They use actual KVM
versions for hosting the VPS, providing a good control panel with
console acces (VNC) and you have a great BSD based rescue system available.

Sorry for hijacking an older thread but after running one year a NetBSD
server in a KVM host in Hezner, (starting from I
am not sure I would recommend that to anyone.It works for me but ...

The Hetzner web interface is firt-class including the out-of-band
console, but I ran into problems with NetBSD.

  * First of all the already slow FFS is PAINFULLY slow on a KVM host at
Hetzner. (1,2M/s block write with Bonnie++: that's what I got on my
Atari ST ...)
Hezner does not use virtio because of incomplete support on all the
guests OS they have.

 * Then you have to rebuild your own kernel to activate rtk(4) instead
of re(4) as the latter drops packets so much it is not usable

  * Then from this week I started to have hangs on reboot, preventing me
to reboot from the remote shell.

In you're looking  for NetBSD vps in Europe you're somehow out of luck,
although in the US I had very good experiences from

Maybe the situation will improve with NetBSD 6 concerning KVM but I
can't recommend it right now.

As far as Xen is concerned, one big hoster, Gandi, says they can't
really offer NetBSD because the PV kernel is not stable enough for what
they want to do (like hotplugging disk ressources and virtual NICs)

My advice for NetBSD hosting would be then to rent a cheap Root server,
like Debibox or the Kimsufi, Atom based boxes for 18€/month.
Or go FreeBSD which is officially supported on and hetzner.



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