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Re: NetBSD VPS in Europe

> In you're looking  for NetBSD vps in Europe you're somehow out of luck,
> although in the US I had very good experiences from

You can get a NetBSD Xen VPS from Evorack ( in
the UK.  They have a promotion at the moment where you can get the
lowest spec'd VPS they offer (128 MB RAM and 20 GB disk) for GBP 2.50
per month, which is pretty cheap.

If anyone buys one, email me off list and I'll point out a few
shortcomings of their base image configuration that you'll want to fix
before making too much use of your VPS.  The staff at Evorack are not
very NetBSD savvy (though they're friendly and helpful in general), but
the VPSes themselves are quite reliable and in general you won't have to
rely on the staff much for support.


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