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Re: git insists in using IPv6

    Date:        Fri, 17 Aug 2012 16:24:09 -0400
    From:        Julio Merino <>

  | cannot longer "git clone" from some hosts because it insists on using
  | IPv6 addresses and I don't have IPv6 support.  For example:

Before you blame IPv6 (too much) or git's use of it, check that you

        telnet -4 443

to verify that the IPv4 path actually works (if it connects, that
is all you need to know, if not, you should get some better info).

Most NetBSD applications do try IPv6 first, and (while I have no idea
how git does it) many applications on connection error, save the fist
error that occurred, and report that, but only after trying all

Since it will usually try v6 first, and perhaps have that fail very
quickly indeed if you have no working v6 environment, it (most apps)
would then go on to try other addresses, like the v4 address that
probably also exists.   If that also fails (nothing works) then rather
than reporting the last address that failed, some apps report the
first, leading to an error that appears to indicate that v6 is the
problem, where really there is some v4 problem that the app is hiding
from you.


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