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slow server, maybe missing hardware support?


I'm trying to install BETA2 on Hetzner server. Installation (through
qemu) seems to work, but when trying to boot NetBSD up on actual
hardware, system is very slow (few hours to get ping response, about
8 hours to finish rc, login takes ages, etc).

dmesg is filled with lines like:
viaide0:0:0: lost interrupt
        type: ata tc_bcount: 0 tc_skip: 0

... and looking at (FreeBSD) rescue system dmesg I see
atapci0: <VIA 6420 SATA150 controller> port
irq 20 at device 15.0 on pci0

viaide man page does not list VIA 6420, so am I correct assuming
missing support for 6420 is what is causing this? Is there anything
more I can try, or should forget trying to run NetBSD on this hardware?

Complete BETA2 dmesg.boot at
FreeBSD dmesg on same hardware

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