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Re: Possible to pass /dev/ulpt0 to qemu guest?

On Tue, Jul 10, 2012 at 04:55:25AM -0400, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> Could you build wine and use the MS-Windows software?

Pretty scared of that. wine has managed to crash my NetBSD once. The
problem went away after I deleted ~/.wine and allowed it to rebuild. I do
have wine that is sometimes needed for sites that open only with ie.

But I can try once.

> If I were buying another printer, I would look to laser, multifunction 
> (all-in-one), with connectivity by wireless, Ethernet and USB (maximize my 
> chances?) and not HP.
> Maybe the printer needs to be configured through ugen, avoiding ulpt?  I 
> don't know if that is general, or just a BSD quirk.

Guess I had tried it once on NetBSD 5.1 and did not work. I might try it
again once stable 6.0 is out.

> Did you try Arch Linux?  I haven't but am considering; also considering 
> Funtoo (forked from Gentoo).

I have Arch Linux installed as a separate installation. It does not work
via qemu for me.

I went through the dilemma - Arch or Gentoo. Both had the things I was
looking for such as - source as well as binary support, separation of base
and apps, rolling updates etc. Between them Arch tilts slightly towards
preferring binary while Gentoo towards source. I did not want to get into
yet another source based system (besides NetBSD), so chose Arch.

I did not switch completely to Arch or other Linux distros primarily due
to instability with respect to some drivers - mainly wifi and FAT, at
least for my hardware. But, I get more working apps for tasks like voip,
printing, scanning etc. on Linux. I reboot to Linux for these activities.

Rebooting just for one odd small task is a pain. So prefer if the printer
works on NetBSD - either natively or through emulator.

tiny core linux (micro core variant of it to be precise) works pretty well
for me through qemu on NetBSD. Only if I could pass my USB device to it ..
I might manage to get the printer work.


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